Visions & Values

Welcome to Charnock Hall Primary Academy!  We hope you find our website useful, however, to really understand and know CHPA, please arrange a visit.

We aspire for Charnock Hall Primary Academy to be an outstanding centre of the community, where outstanding staff nurture, develop and inspire young people to encourage a love for life-long learning that can help make a difference to the 21st Century world!

The Charnock Promise inspires everyone in ‘working together to be the best we can be!’

At Charnock we promise to develop pupils through…

(being) Inclusive

We are inclusive of all abilities, skills and backgrounds, celebrating individuality, so everyone can fulfil their potential!

(having) High-expectation

Excellence is the minimum standard accepted. high expectations are non-negotiable; we always try our very best!

(developing) Confidence

We encourage the confidence to take risks, overcome doubt and persevere.  We are not afraid to make mistakes, but learn from them!

(building) Positive Relationships

Relationships are positively nurtured and reinforced to promote self and mutual respect!

(providing) Inspiration

A life-long love of learning is inspired through an engaging, imaginative, innovative and creative curriculum!

(creating) Engaging Environments

Learning environments, resources and experiences provide pupils with skills for life in modern Britain and the world.

(harnessing) Aspiration

Everyone is encouraged to dream big, reach for the stars and be successful at what they want to be.

To be the best that we can be!

The Charnock Promise is supported by the British values of democracy, tolerance, rule of law, community, respect and individual liberty.

The CHPA motto is:

Be the Best You Can Be!

To support us in this, on a daily basis everyone at CHPA works hard to be a Charnock All-Star. 

Be a Charnock All-Star!

Let everyone learn

Be gentle and kind


Be polite and respectful

Be honest

Be the best that you can be!

We feel that these key principles help prepare us to live life in Modern, 21st Century Britain. They provide a solid foundation to help us contribute to society and embrace the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

We aim to help all learners develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to become responsible citizens who are tolerant, respectful and are able to challenge prejudicial and discriminating behaviour, with these values promoted throughout all aspects of school life. We endeavour to do so with care and sensitivity, ensuring that we promote inclusivity and unity between pupils, parents and our community, to help us all…be the best we can be!