Phonics at Charnock Hall Primary Academy

At CHPA, we follow the Monster Phonics Scheme.  This is an award-winning, multi-sensory phonics programme which uses colour to consistently code for key graphemes in English.  It is unique, in that it uses character (monster) phoneme cues and colour-coding to represent the long vowel sounds, silent letters and tricky letters.  The colour cues have been proven to support children with dyslexia.  Once taught and secure, the colour is removed.  Multisensory focused teaching improves learning.  Our children love Monster Phonics, and that high engagement and interest created by the programme further supports learning.  As well as the lessons themselves, we also have the entire Monster Phonics reading scheme in school, which means that your child’s reading books will be perfectly matched to their phonics lessons.

An introduction to Monster Phonics

Watch the video below, or you can use the Monster Phonics YouTube channel.

Meet the Monsters

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