Y2 Boggle Hole Residential 2023

Year 2 undertook their residential to Boggle Hole in Whitby. 

First, we arrived at our lovely accommodation overlooking the beautiful views of the sea. Our first activity was ‘Sea Shore Safari’. We explored a wide area of the beach and looked in small rock pools. We found limpets, crabs, periwinkles, anemones and even saw a baby seal on the beach!  In the evening, we had our pirate activities, dressed as pirates! We went on a treasure hunt and painted our pebbles that we collected from the beach. 

On Day 2 of our seaside adventure, we took part in a range of activities such as learning how to call for the Sea Rescue Team using the phonetic alphabet, learning how to avoid other ships at sea using a map and working as team to move the skis to save our teachers who were stranded at sea! In the afternoon, we walked along the cliffs of Whitby to reach Robin Hood’s Bay. We learned about the history of the buildings in the village and  ‘The Smugglers’ that were caught many years ago!  Whilst we were exploring the Robin Hood’s Bay, we stopped for a delicious cone of ice cream. Yummy! When we returned back to Boggle Hole in the evening, we settled down around a fire pit with marshmallows and hot chocolate.  

Before returning home, we made our way back to the beach for our final activity. We played the ‘Seagulls and Limpets’ game, made sandcastles on the beach and build a large boat using sand that all of Year 2 could stand in.

We had an amazing experience at Boggle Hole. Peta and her team made our experience a seaside adventure we will never forget!