Celebrating Diversity

At CHPA we are committed to celebrating the diverse cultures and backgrounds of pupils. To support this, through curriculum learning, special events, visits and visitors and our Artist of the Week, where pupils learn about different music genres and their historical culture and backgrounds.

Understanding and respecting the Values of Britain
CHPA wide celebration for 70 years of service – Platinum Jubilee – June 2022
Remembering our Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning…we will remember them!
Celebrating Holi with a Y6 colour dash.
Remembering and celebrating significant people with local links as part of Black History Month
CHPA wide Diwali celebration.
Y6 Residential – providing opportunities for pupils that they may not usually have.
Let Girls Play – ensuring girls have the opportunity within sports that boys enjoy.
CHPA wide European Day of Languages celebration
King Charles III Coronation – May 2023