Sheffield School Skipathon – November 2022

Pupils have been taking an active part in the Sheffield Schools Skipathon!The Sheffield Schools Skipathon comes to you from Skipping School, working in conjunction with the Sheffield School Games team. They are so passionate about the positive impact that skipping has on children’s health, fitness and mental wellbeing and so is CHPA. On of our PE aims at CHPA is to inspire and engage pupils to be active and have fun, and to create sustainable activity levels to boost self-esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing.Skipping School’s motto is ‘fitness through fun for everyone’, and this is the philosophy we at CHPA promote to ensure a positive experience for our pupils.The Skipathon has taken place this week where pupils have participated in different skipping challenges which has inspired them to skip during lunch times and playtimes. You may also have seen them skipping on their way to-from CHPA.