Y5 Greek Experience Day

Year 5 travelled back in time to Ancient Greece. Throughout the day, pupils were immersed in different Ancient Greek activities to help develop their knowledge and understanding of Ancient Greece. When they arrived, they were tasked with creating their own laurel wreath to wear through the day. They explored different Greek vocabulary and were able to talk about what these words meant and why they were important. They were able to write their name and Greek facts using the Greek alphabet. They participated in a well-known Greek dance called Zorba. They all worked well as a team and were able to keep up with the fast pace. Pupils were able to get involved in pigéage, which is the process of breaking up thick layers on ski, stems and seeds of grapes to then go through the process of turning it into wine. In the afternoon, they were able to taste and try different Greek foods, such as tzatziki, hummus, pitta bread, feta cheese and falafel. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and were fully engaged.